Andersons.Blog is available for your use!

Just put your first name in front of it, and its all yours, for $3.85 per month!

Example,, thats it, your very own blog!

And we build it for free! And your payment covers hosting and the name. Do you want Don’t wait too long.

Just send your first $3.85 to You will get a receipt and all you need to customize your blog. It is really easy, people go to your blog, log in and you approve them. If you do, then you are connected and have their email address.

From then on, all you have to do is choose their level of participation (its easy, you check the box on your dashboard):
Subscriber (they can read your blog)
Contributor (they can post comments and pics)
Author (they can write articles and pages)
Editor (they can edit others’ posts and pages)
Administrator (you)

Email me at for details and pricing.